Using an IRA to Invest in Silver

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Saving up money for retirement is something that everyone needs to do in order to ensure they have enough to support the golden years. While you are young, you want to take advantage of any unique opportunities that can help grow your retirement money, giving you much more to work with down the road. One possibility that many investors are starting to look at is a silver IRA, or Individual Retirement Account. Putting your IRA money into precious metals may be a smart choice that can help secure your future. Gold and silver IRA plans can be easily set up with the help of specialized firms such as Regal Assets. Whether you’re trying to grow your money over decades or over a few years, gold silver IRA strategies may be able to help.

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Choosing to invest your funds into a silver IRA can offer great benefits. One benefit that an investment into silver gives you is diversification. Many people are able to grow their money by making sure their portfolio is varied. When your money is put into a bunch of different types of funds, you get a wider variety when it comes to market conditions. Most types of investment products are not going to be doing well at the same time, so when one fund is slow in profits, another may bring in more revenue. Silver funds can help you achieve this variety in your portfolio.

Additionally, investors love a silver IRA product because it puts a real asset into your account. Unlike today, years ago, paper money was either backed by physical silver or gold bars. No matter how much your IRA account is worth in today’s dollars, things can change based on the fluctuations of the currency in the world markets. The good thing about silver, though, is that its value is not based on the dollar. No matter how low or high the American dollar is, silver still maintains its worth. Silver’s value has also been steadily rising over the past few years, giving investors reassurance for silver and gold IRA opportunities.


If you decide to invest in a silver IRA, there is a little more to do than just selecting an account type. With silver, since it is a physical asset, you have to think about storage. Another thing to think about is the fact that, unlike some other investments, you may not be able to earn interest on silver. The way silver increases its value is dependent on silver prices in the commodities market. People can make a large amount of income off of buying silver when the price is lower and selling it when the price has increased. This can be a viable long-term investment strategy, as silver has experienced a steady incline over the years.

IRA Overview

The most common scenario in this type of investment plan requires an IRA account. An IRA account is a retirement account that can take advantage of significant tax benefits from the IRS. There are three different types of IRA accounts that you may open for your silver IRA.

Traditional IRA – This is the most common type of IRA account. Every year, you must contribute money to your account. However the money from your account is invested, your profits, along with the amount of the account, are not taxed as they grow. Once you reach retirement age, you can begin making withdrawals. At that point you are taxed, but at a lower rate.

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Roth IRA – In this type of IRA, your contributions are made using income that has already been taxed. Your funds can grow without incurring additional taxes. When you need to access your funds in retirement, you can do so without paying any additional taxes.

Rollover IRA – This type of IRA simply allows an individual to rollover another type of retirement account. Typically people take the balance from a 401(k) or 403(b) and move it into an IRA in this scenario.

Once you’ve decided to open a silver IRA, you must designate it as self-directed. This way, you can cash in on many different types of investment opportunities including precious metals. Then, you must select an account custodian, or firm, that can manage the account’s objectives. Regal Assets can provide you with guidance during this important step.

Choices for Depositories

The next thing you need to do in order to take advantage of the silver investment market is choose a depository for your silver storage. Silver, unlike other monetary assets, must be stored somewhere. Neither you nor your account custodian can store the silver within your own place of business or residence. You must review the guidelines from the IRS in order to find an approved depository for your silver investments. Your account custodian for a silver IRA can help you find the right location for your silver to be placed during the time of ownership.

IRA Funding

After you’ve chosen your depository location, next it’s time to fund your silver IRA account. In order to purchase silver, you need cash, so over time you must build up enough money in order to get things going. The rules for IRA contributions are pretty specific. You can set aside no more than $5,000 per year for your IRA account, no matter which type you’ve chosen. After your 50th birthday, you can increase that amount to $6,000 per year. If you have an existing 401(k) or 403(b), however, you may rollover those account balances into your IRA.

Options for Silver

Finally, the last step to make a silver investment is to go through with purchasing silver bullion. When you choose a silver IRA, Regal Assets can guide you through this selection process. You can select pure silver bars, or you may elect to go with silver coins such as American Eagle, Austrian Philharmonic or Canadian Maple Leaf.

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Investing in a silver IRA can be a great way to setup your retirement account for the potential of huge gains. A gold and silver IRA account gives your money a chance to capitalize on the growing trend of physical asset distribution. It also helps you create a diverse investment portfolio. Regal Assets, the gold silver IRA experts, specialize in this type of wealth strategy. Contact us today to find out more about how silver can help your retirement fund expand.

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