Using Gold IRA Reviews to Find the Best Brokerage for Your Financial Needs

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Transferring conventional retirement savings accounts into accounts backed by precious metals is one of the most popular current methods of maximizing your retirement savings. A basic internet search for gold IRA reviews uncovers many investors who excitedly share details of their success with anyone who will listen. Since the year 2000, the number of gold backed retirement accounts have grown over 350 percent. This is partially due to the ability of gold and other precious metals to balance out the volatility of common cash investments. The price of gold has a long historical precedent of increasing in value during times of financial distress. When the the value of cash based bonds and stocks drops, the price of gold goes up. Having a solid investment in both currency based assets as well as precious metals will give you a strong source of protection against unpredictable swings in the financial markets.

Gold IRA reviews

Gold has also increased in value over the last few decades at an unwavering pace, opening the millennium with prices under $300 an ounce, and rising to the current value which has increased nearly four fold to over $1300 an ounce, even when adjusted for inflation.

Growing numbers of people are searching for precious metals IRA reviews. With a strong public interest in methods of IRA diversification combined with the steady increase in precious metal market price, it is no wonder there has been a boom in the demand for knowledgeable brokers to assist investors.

Unfortunately, for every high quality, professional broker, there is another who is looking to take advantage of this surge in interest. The time it takes to research and thoroughly vet any brokerage you may consider working with is a small investment compared to the difference in financial outcomes you may receive by avoiding brokers whose primary concern is their own financial well being rather than yours.

What Gold IRA Reviews Can Reveal

Without the proper guidance, converting your retirement savings account in a gold backed IRA can seem like a dauntingly complicated task, full of byzantine turnarounds and regulations. There are several federal laws surrounding gold investment and physical storage requirements as well as a complex paperwork which must be completed before an IRA account can be rolled over or transferred into a gold backed account. Working with the right brokerage can make the difference between truly maximizing your retirement savings or watching them wither away.

The first thing you want to do once you have decided to invest in precious metals is to meticulously research any potential organizations who you may partner with.  Begin by searching for gold and precious metals IRA reviews, and eliminating any companies with any significant negative feedback.

Searching the Better Business Bureau

Even if a company has stellar reviews online, you should also make note of any negative comments or poor ratings from the Better Business Bureau. Through the Better Business Bureau website you can easily identify companies that have a track record for mistreating customers or who have left a trail of unhappy investors. Along with a public record of complaints and reviews, You can also find information about any governmental action taken against a particular company, and historical information such as how long a company has been in operation. Look for businesses who have at least an A rating, although a perfect A+ rating is best. If a potential brokerage firm has received a D or an F rating by the Better Business Bureau, it is best to look elsewhere.

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Using the Business Consumer Alliance

The Business Consumer Alliance is another valuable tool in researching precious metals ira reviews. Though not as well known as the Better Business Bureau, it offers another private, nonprofit neutral source of independent reviews. They also take into account a number of factors, including number of complaints, a business’s ability to quickly address complaints, governmental actions and advertising reviews, in their analysis and final issuing of a composite score.

When making such a crucial decision, make sure you are only working with the best by avoiding any companies with a less than perfect AAA Business Consumer Alliance rating.

Searching for Gold IRA Reviews With TrustLink

Unlike the Better Business Bureau or the Business Consumer Alliance, Trustlink does not handle individual customer complaints or monitor how particular businesses respond to complaints. Trustlink instead functions as an aggregate collector of online self directed IRA custodian reviews, which can be extremely useful in measuring the overall customer response to a gold and precious metals IRA brokerage.

When researching with Trustlink, pay particular attention to reviews which have been Trustlink Verified. This simply means that proof of a transaction was provided by the customer and has been accepted as part of an internal authentication process. Although TrustLink does not issue a letter score, important factors to pay attention to are the amount and quality of the reviews. The more reviews a company generates, the better. Look for companies who have very minimal to, preferably, zero negative reviews on Trustlink.

Making Your Final Decision

Leaders in the precious metal investment business such as Regal Assets who have achieved perfect ratings with the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance, as well as accumulating several hundred positive precious metals IRA reviews on sites such as Trustlink set the standard in the financial industry.

The health of your retirement savings will dictate much about what you are able to do with the third act of your life. A soundly invested gold backed IRA can allow you to spend your retirement years traveling and pursuing your passions. The right brokers will partner with you to  make the absolute most out of your savings, allowing you to thrive. Investing in gold, if done correctly, can be an incredible way to enhance your savings.

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Spending time now in thoroughly researching the quality and background of your investment broker options will pay off many times over down the road. Use the above resources to research precious metals and self directed ira custodian reviews to find the company who will best fit your financial needs.

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